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For questions about data, request website features or report bugs please contact Dr. Peter Kunz

All Radioactive Ion Beam (RIB) intensities published in the database, refer a measurement at the detection facility listed with the result. As such, the RIB intensity delivered to any given experimental facility will depend upon the beam transport efficiency, the charge breeding, and the stripping efficiency, if needed. Delivered RIB yields might be lower, especially for post-accelerated beams.

A range of representative measurements has been provided (not just the highest value!) to aid the facility user to best plan the experiment using reasonable beam intensities.

Specific yield-intensity questions should be directed to Peter Kunz.

Post-accelerated beam intensities depend mainly on the isotope mass and the requested beam energy. If charge-breeding is required, it may also increase the likelihood of isobaric interference. Questions regarding post-accelerated beams should be directed to

Further information on RIB beam operations is available at TRIUMF Guide for Experimenters.

The TRIUMF Isotope Database does not include all of the measured yield values. Measurements will be continuously added. The tables generated by a search query may be sorted by field by clicking on the individual column headings.